Scoring Your Animal

What is a Trophy for You?
All animals shot with a bow and arrow are certainly trophies. How about does? Most of the time shooting an old doe is much harder than getting in range of a big buck but the perception is that a doe do not have horns so they must not be trophies.

Field Judging, Do you know the clues?
There are so many animals and all have clues to make trophy status.
Whitetail Deer, 4 points on each side, at least a 16" spread and good mass are minimum requirements.
125 inches is a hard number to acquire on a deer.

Elk, 5 x 5 with lots of mass will make the book but a 6 x 6 is better.
The Sword point on an Elk is the 4th point, so everything beyond that is a plus.

Caribou, probably one of the hardest animals to judge since all animals are different.
Double shovels, good Bez points and good top points are pluses.

Black Bears, ears should be on the side of the head, short looking legs and big bellies.

"Green Scoring" is a measurement of the horns or skull starting on the first day that the animal was killed until the official 60 day drying period has concluded.
During the 60-Day drying period, the horns and/or skull must be at room temperature without the aid to stretch or keep the parts from normal shrinkage.
Once an animal reaches the 60th day of drying, an official measurement can then be taken.
If an animal reaches the minimum score or higher, the official measuring form can be submitted to the Pope & Young Club along with the "Fair Chase Affidavit" and $35.00 for inclusion in the record books.
An animal can be submitted at any time without the bowhunter becoming a member of the Pope & Young Club. But we would hope that all bowhunters will become members of the Pope & Young Club and support all aspects of the organization.




Measuring your animal is free, So get your animal scored today!

Minimum Entry Score Requirements
Pope & Young Minimum Scores

Georgia Deer Registry


Bill Millican is a Pope & Young Official Measurer